Solids Control Equipment

Solids Control Equipment


         DERRICK DE-1000 FHD

Bowl size:14” (356 mm) Diameter, Bowl type:Contour cylinder, Conveyor:Helical (radial)/Axial, Effluent ports:Variable – Eccentric, Differential conveyor speed:3-90 RPM Bowl, Speed range:0-4000 RPM Maximum g’s: 3180, Sigma (?) maximum:4.34 x 106 in2 (2800 m2), Flow rate:200 GPM with water, Electrical:50 Horsepower (37 kw) Motor 480v, Dimensions:Length: 115” (2921 mm) Width: 75” (1905 mm) Height: 57” (1448 mm), Weight: 9,000 lbs (4050 kg), SCROLL System:Counter-current, Lead direction:Left, Related movement to bowl:Lagging.                                                                                                         

         Brandt HS-3400 VSD

Overall Length: 2500 mm, Overall Width: 1750 mm, Overall Height: 1455 mm, Overall Weight: 3000 Kg, Power Requirement: 30 kW Main Drive Motor, 7.5 kW Pump Motor, Bowl Dimensions : 350mm Dia x 1260 mm LG, Conveyor/pitch: 110mm Lagging Conveyor, Bowl Speeds: 1500 to 4000 RPM, G/Force: 447 to 3180, Gearbox Type: 2 Stage Epicyclic, Gearbox Ratio: 52 : 1, G/Box Output Torque: 270 kgf.m (max)

         Seepex 35-6LBN

Eccentric screw pump driven by a 7.5kw electric motor via a Spaggiari variable speed gearbox, 60 Hz - 1750 RPM, Gearbox Number: Spaggiari SRF 100, Min Speed RPM:72, Max Speed RPM: 380, Min Flow USGPM (M3/HR): 30 (6.8), Max Flow USGPM (M3/HR): 120 (27.3).

         Control Panels Mains Stop/Start

For hazardous environments Brandt supply a Control Panel manufactured by Stahl and suitable for Zone 1 & 2 areas.  Safe area panels can be supplied on request.  All panels have the same basic components and functions as follows: Main Power Interlock, Power 'ON' Indicator, Ammeter, Centrifuge & Pump "Start" & "Stop" Push Buttons, Centrifuge & Pump "Running" Indicators, Alarm "Mute" & "Reset" Push Buttons, Torque "Overload" Indicator, Centrifuge & Pump "Tripped" Indicators. Starters for both centrifuge (30kw) and pump (7.5 kW) are included in panel.  Start & stop functions are interlocked to ensure pump cannot run unless centrifuge is running.  

Interlocks also included shutting down pump in event of torque overload or centrifuging motor overload. Visual and audible alarms give warning of trip condition. Note: Stop push buttons are of the "stay-put" type and need to be manually released before stopped function can be restarted. Dimensions: Height 1.10M, Width 0.60, Depth 0.30M, Weight 140Kg.

         Speed Control Panel

Explosion proof panel contains the circuitry that enables the following functions to activate: Centrifuge shuts down if preset speed limit is exceeded, Prohibits start up of feed pump until preset speed on centrifuge is reached, Shut down of centrifuge and pump in event of hydraulic fluid temperature exceeding preset limit, Shut down of centrifuge and pump if hydraulic fluid volume falls below a preset limit, The panel also carries a toughened, sight panel behind which is the centrifuge speed tachometer. Dimensions: Height 0.685M, Width 0.480M, Depth 0.265M, Weight 91Kg.

         The DE-1000 FHD and Brandt HS-3400 VSD

Installed on a rugged portable skid that includes a two point effluent discharge for easy setup.





            Screen Decks:             One (1)

            Screen Area:                            25 ft.2             (2.32 m2)


            Screen Angle:              Contour Deck

                                                            0°, +5°, +5°

                                                            Deck Adjustable, -7° to +3°

Adjustable while Drilling

            Screen Type:                           Rigid Frame

            Screen Support:                       Polyurethane Over Steel

            Screen Tensioning:                  PT Panel, None Required

            Screen Retention:                    Quick-Release Hammer Wedge



            Motion Type:                          Linear

            Preset G-Force:                       5.7 G’s

            G-Force Range:                       2.6 G’s to 6.4 G’s

            Drive System:             Direct Drive, Vibrator Motors

                                                            (2 ea) X 2.0 hp

230/460 VAC, 60 Hz Standard         

5.6/2.8 Full Load Amps

Explosion Proof

(Over VAC and Hz Available)

            Ratings:                                   UL, CSA, & CENELEC


            Size:                                        Sixteen 4” Desilter Cones

            Flow Rate:                              55 – 60 GPM per Cone

            Operating Head:                     70 – 75 Feet of Head

            Material:                                  Solid Polyurethane with Molded in Place Ceramic Wear Liners for Extended Life