Mud Plant

Certified Brand New Liquid Mud Plant Including:

        Four (4) Rectangular Tanks 38.06ft x 10.17ft x 11.48ft (each tank capacity 750 BBLS, contains three mud agitators 25 HP and 11 mud guns).

        Four (4) Cylindrical Tanks 38.72ft x 10.43ft (each tank capacity 550 BBLS, contains 11 mud guns).

        Two Centrifugal Pumps 100 hp for Mixing and Circulating the Mud.

        One Transfer Pump 75 hp.

        One Mixing Hopper.

        Lighting Towers, Handrails and Stairs.

        All Tanks are connected to each other by flexible Connections and can be tie in to the rig system in case of emergency.

        Total Mud Plant Capacity 2600 BBL.

        One OBM Transfer road tank 130 BBL.

        Mud Lab, WBM Kit, and OBM Kit.

        Mud Engineer, Mechanic, Electrician, and roughnecks are available upon request.


All Safety Signs, First Aid and Suitable Fire Extinguishers are supplied with package.