H2S Safety Services


Alamia Oil services Group is supplying H2S Equipment and Services in accordance to the International standards and regulations as the guidelines contained in OSHA 29 CFR 1910.134, API RP 49 and ANSI Z88.2, BS 4275:1997 / EN 12021, and BS EN 137&139.

(AOSG) purposes are to provide you with the latest technology in the field of H2S gas detection and air protection systems and to assist you in learning about the following :-


(AOSG) is offering many services in H2S Field but not limited for the following:-


§  Site-specific contingency plans

§  Respiratory equipment rentals and sales

§  Gas detection and alarm systems, rentals and sales

§  Expert Supervisors

§  Grade “D” breathing air


 What’s you need to know about Hydrogen Sulfide


v  H2S Properties and Characteristics

v  H2S Effect and Toxicity

v  Detection of H2S

v  Protection Against H2S Hazards




H2S Properties and Characteristics

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§  Hydrogen Sulfide is highly Toxic

§  colorless gas

§  Hydrogen Sulfide consists of two Hydrogen atoms and one Sulfur atom

§  H2S is soluble in Drilling and Formation Fluids 

§  H2S is Highly Flammable Gas  in between 4.3% and 46%

§  H2S is Corrosive to Metals and Elastomer Seals

§  H2S is Heavier than Air by 20%

§  When burning H2S another toxic gas is formed which is SO2

§  H2S has a rotten egg odor at low Concentrations ( from 0.0047 PPM)


 Nose - Olfactory Nerve – Eyes

Respiratory System – Lungs – Brain

Effects of Exposure to H2S


Concentration PPM


0.0047 – 0.13     

Minimum   perceptible odor


Eye Irritations


PEL ( Permissible Exposure Limit)


STEL ( Short Term Exposure Limit)


100 - 150

Coughing, Eye irritations, Loss sense of smell, Throat irritation,                      dizziness, Respiratory tract                              irritation

250 - 300

Unconsciousness and cessation

of respiration


Lethal Concentration



Unconsciousness  at once and death



Detection of H2S


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We Can not rely on the sense of smell to detect H2S

      We have to use a gas detector   

 Air Sampling Gas Detector Tubes

Colorimetric tube detectors utilize a tube containing a chemical such as Lead Acetate.  The tubes are marked with lines indicating the concentration of gas.

Electronic Portable H2S Monitors

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(AOSG) provides the rental and sale of Single gas Detectors and  Multi gas Detectors.

Which will have the following Features the following features:-

Automatic Alarm, Light weight, Fast reaction time, Audible- Visual- Vibration alarm, and Suitable for use in the Hazards Areas.

Electronic Fixed H2S Sensors

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(AOSG) will provide a certified Engineering stuff capable of supplying the following services to our clients:-

Design and Install a site specific fixed detection system

Maintain and calibrate the fixed gas detection system in accordance to the manufacturer specifications.

Protection against H2S Hazards

Respiratory Protection Equipment

Emergency life Support Apparatus ( ELSA)

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This Breathing Apparatus is used for Escape only and cannot be used for work or rescue operations


Supplied Air Respirator  ( SAR)

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A supplied-air-respirator delivers breathing air through a supply hose connected to cylinders Cascade Rack and the Apparatus is equipped with a small cylinder for escape purposes.


Self Contained Breathing Apparatus ( SCBA )


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This provides complete respiratory protection against toxic gases and Oxygen deficiency.  The wearer is independent of the surrounding atmosphere.