Oil & Synthetic-Based Mud Systems

1-reversible invert emulsion fluid which converts between oil and water wet for optimized filter cake and wellbore clean-up . an-up
2-parffin-based drilling fluid systems cngineered as an alternative to conventional or mineral oil-based systems.
3-paraffin-based clrilling fluid designed t for optimized land-based disposal of cuttings
4-conductive invert emulsion fluid designed to enable resistivity and formation image logging. Also achieves all benefits of invert emuion drilling performance.
5-All oil-based system designed for coring operations.
6-All oil- based system designed for wide spectrum of drilling conditions.
7-mineral oil-based system for areas where diesel is prohibited .
8-Diesel oil- based system for wellbore stability, contamination resistance and solids tolerance .
9-Oil-basedreseervoir drilling fluid system for open-hole completion.
10-Ultar-low toxicity mineral oil_based drilling fluid system.
11-Ester-based, biodegradable system formulated to address a wide range of drilling parameters in environmentally-sensitive areas.
12-Low-viscosity,internal-olefinbase synheticfluid ideally suited for drilling in deepwater and environmentally-sensitive areas .
13-Ultra-low-viscosity,LAO-based synthetic fluid system suited for deepwater, drilling in environmentally-sensitive and high- differential pressure environments; suitable for cold water and ERID applications.
14-synthetic olefin-based drilling fluid system for reservoir drilling application;
Especially suited for high-temperature, open-hold completed reservoirs.