Water-Based Mud Systems

1. Low Solids Polymer System.
2. Potassium-based system for troublesome shales.
3. Low-colloid, contaminant resistant system for high-temperature drilling system.
4. High performance, environmentally advanced polyglycol system for reactive shales, extended reach drilling, deepwater and subsalt wells; can be readily converted for high-temperature applications.
5. Mixed Metal Oxide System.
6. High Density Brine Reservoir DIF based on CaBr2 / CaCl2 or ZnBr2.
7. Calcium Chloride /Polymer-Based System.
8. Chrome-Free, Environmentally Advanced System for High Temperature Drilling.
9. Minimal solids, non-damaging, designed for the production zone, especially in horizontal wells.
10. Rheologically engineered, solids-free, non-damaging water-based fluid designed as drill-in fluid for production zone, especially suited for critical applications as in coiled tubing drilling.
11. PHPA system for improved cuttings encapsulation and shale stabilization.
12. Silicate-based system for drilling water-sensitive.
13. Third generation high performance water-based system designed through a triple inhibition approa with extremely powerful products to inhibit shale hydration, cuttings dispersion and bit balling; ideal for use as an alternative to oil-based or synthetic-based fluids in environmental-sensitive areas or areas with high mud losses .