Dewatering System



         The concept of dewatering drilling mud while drilling has developed from the need to reduce or eliminate liquid mud disposal.  For both environmental and economic concerns, it is better to reclaim the water phase of waste mud and dispose of only dry solids than to haul off and dispose of whole liquid mud. 

         The KEM-TRON Drilling Mud Dewatering System (KTT-DMDS) requires a considerable amount of planning.  It is a process which varies greatly with location and mud type.  We have developed a complete system over the last 16 years which is capable of handling any drilling mud dewatering job.  This system will suffice for drilling muds that range from the easiest to dewater to the most difficult, always concurrent with drilling on a closed-loop location.

The typical reclaimed water results are listed below.

                                                Reclaimed Water       Drinking Water Standard                                                                in USA

pH:                                          7.0 to 10.0                   6.5 to 8.3

Chlorides (mg/l):                     200 to 2500     < 600

Suspended Solids (mg/l):        10 to 100                     < 500

Hardness, Total                       5 to 200                       < 500